ProDevice degaussers are the most modern devices for removing data from magnetic media in the world. Based on many years of experience of our engineers, they are based on the best components and patented and innovative technologies.

Why do our degaussers effectively destroy data?

ProDevice degaussers meet the most security standards and guidelines for data destruction. Their huge efficiency and work efficiency is guaranteed by the strong electromagnetic field generated by the devices - in the case of the ASM240 model, it is over 20,000 Gauss. It is worth noting that no degausser available on the market achieves such high parameters of magnetic field induction.

Degausser with PPMS Technology

All models of our devices: ASM120 degausser (professional version) and ASM240 degausser possess implemented and innovative technology on a global scale PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System), which allows the work of degaussers in the pre-paid mode. It is an extremely comfortable solution for institutions or companies that only want to hire a degausser and not necessarily buy it.

Integration with the mobile app

Integrated with the mobile app, the ASM240 is a one-of-a-kind device. Users may generate comprehensive reports on the destruction of data they carry out. The software allows for scanning device barcodes, photographing and even filming the process of demagnetisation. All the information can be downloaded by the users in the form of reports.

ProDevice degausser - easy operation, comfort of use

Degaussers are extremely easy to use - they work in an automatic way, do not need special qualifications or trainings to operate them. Destroying data from one medium takes up to 20 seconds (model ASM240, version LITE). The small size of ProDevice degaussers and their impeccable design make them suitable for any office, even a small one. Optionally, there is also a suitcase for devices that allows them to be conveniently and securely transported between different locations.

All degaussers are designed, tested and manufactured in our R&D center. Their reliability is confirmed by numerous references of our clients. Currently, they are sold in over 30 countries around the world.