The manual destroyer of data carriers MMD360 now has a new design and functionality. For this reason, the device is called ProDevice MMD360 +.

The machine is equipped with a special flash media destruction adapter for destroying flash media (e.g. mobile phones, flash drives), enabling their perforation in several places at the same time. The adapter can have up to 23 replaceable steel pins mounted at the same time, although it is recommended to use about 5-7 pins to destroy a single carrier. Of course, it is still possible to destroy hard drives with one thick pin. The customer have possiblity of buying the device with the flash media destruction adapter and without it.

We remind you that the device meets the safety standards in the field of data destruction:
• DIN66399: H3
• DMS 2008: level A in the field of physical destruction of HDDs

We would like to invite you to watch the film showing the operation of the device.