SSDs (Solid State Drives) are still not very popular – according to a report published at the beginning of 2019 by Avast company, they are found in only 15% of computers in the world, less than 8% of laptops or computers have only SSD, and 7.5 % of devices have both HDD and SSD installed.

The forecasts contained in the “Avast PC Trends Report 2019” show that in 2021 we will observe the opposite trend: SSD will start aggressive expansion, and their sale will be higher than HDD. This will be result in the falling prices of SSD. In few years, the purchase of SSD will be the most rational choice in terms of price / performance ratio. They are definitely more efficient, faster and more resistant to shocks that Hard Drive Disks, and their technical specifications are impossible to achieve for HDD.

An important issue, however, will be the problem of removing SSD data. At this point, the only effective method of removing information from semiconductors is their physical destruction (fragmentation or perforation). In the case of hard drives, the situation looks completely different – just use a degausser that emits an electromagnetic field of adequate level, and the data will be permanently deleted. We hope that in the near future the situation will change and the data removal devices developed by us will revolutionize the market for destroying sensitive information.

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