We create and develop the market of modern technologies, and innovation in business is one of the key values of our company. In our R&D center we create the future – together with the most outstanding specialists in the country and scientific units, we implement innovative development and implementation projects.

All ProDevice machines are designed, created tested and manufactored in our most innovative R&D center in the world – it is the place where modern projects are created. We take responsibility for the quality of our products, guaranteeing their reliability.

The tasks accomplishment require the high competences: not only knowledge and experience, but also research background. We have modern premises, covering an area of over 220m2, fully-equipped and adapted to scientific research end experiments. The selection and characteristics of the measurement equipment have been prepared based on detailed consultations with eminent scientists from scientific units cooperating with us: AGH University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Electron Technology.


The R&D Centre which is the hub for building know-how and where the future directions for growth of the ProDevice brand are designed features a dedicated EM-hardened room designed to cancel out all electromagnetic interference from the outside. It is a Faraday cage. The Faraday cage perfectly isolates its interior from all electromagnetic waves from the outside. It is ideal for testing the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) performance of the ProDevice degaussers. The Faraday cage is dedicated for tests and experiments which are monitored remotely with video cameras. The remotely viewed prototype tests in the Faraday cage ensures personnel safety from high voltage, strong EM fields, and unknown physical phenomena.


The heart and brain of the entire laboratory is our server room: a node of a Gigabit logical network with managed switches, servers, arrays, and magnetic tape libraries. All equipment units are powered over one line (connected directly to the power mains) and backed up with UPS systems. The power system is made redundant with a dedicated power generator connected via an ATS (automatic transfer switch). The server room is protected by a CCTV system, an AC (access control) system, a heat recuperation ventilation system, and (chilled water) air conditioning, interfaced with an ambient monitoring system, smoke detectors, and flood detectors.


Our experienced engineering team, together with professional knowledge and know-how gained in the past during the implementation of innovative projects, supervises the correctness of conducted tests. The R&D technical center is prepared in a way that enables the use of research infrastructure for people with disabilities.

We are currently working on creating completely innovative machines for removing data from flash memory. Devices will soon revolutionize the world data destruction market and strengthen our position as an international leader of professional and comprehensive solutions to removing data from electronic media.