The manual media destroyer ProDevice MMD360+ is a perfect solution to securely destroy all your 2,5” and 3,5” hard drives, SSD disks, tablets and mobile phones. Designed for companies and institutions which see and appreciate the need for effective data removal.

The unit is manually operated and doesn’t require electricity and physical strength for operation. Just lower the handle and a steel pin will perforate the hard drive. The base of destroyer is very stable and is equipped with an anti-skidding gum.

An optional flash media destruction adapter is available, enabling perforation in several places at the same time (up to 23 replaceable steel pins).

This device is an interesting alternative for fully-automated destroyers. Compact design and light weight make this destroyer a comfortable device in the office. The main features are durability, reliability and compatibility with data protection standards.


Destroying data media with the ProDevice MMD360+ device causes disks, tapes, tablets or cell phones to be deformed and damaged – information stored on them can’t be recovered. So, MMD360+ is a perfect solution for companies and institutions that care for the highest standards related to the protection of confidential data, defined by GDPR.


Dimensions (with handle) 84 cm x 87 cm x 34 cm
Weight without flash media destruction adapter 35 kg
Weight with flash media destruction adapter 39 kg
Pressure force up to 4,5 tons
Warranty 5 years
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