Degausser is a device that, thanks to its strong magnetic field, irrevocably erases data from magnetic media: hard drives, floppy disks, magnetic tapes etc.
Purchasing this type of device is a reasonable decision. Thanks to the degausser, you not only delete data from unnecessary media, but also … save money.

Buying a device is a good idea if you regularly need to delete data from storage media. You have your own equipment, so you don’t have to use the services of external companies. With the degausser, you remove data from magnetic disks whenever you want. You pay once and use the device for many, many years.

Convinced? Or maybe you need additional information? We are happy to calculate the price of the device for you. You will find that buying a device is really an optimal and financially profitable decision!

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degausser for data removal ASM120_1
degausser for data removal ASM120_1