ProDevice DSS media cabinet

The ProDevice DSS (Drawer Storage System) cabinet is the perfect solution for secure storage of data carriers: magnetic tapes, disks, floppy disks, etc.

Czyszczenie dysku twardego - Degausser ASM240

ProDevice degausser ASM240

The world's most powerwul degausser, which generates magnetic field of 20.000 (2T) Gauss, designed and manufactured in our modern R&D center.

Demagnetyzer ASM120 professional

ProDevice degausser ASM120 BASIC

The ProDevice ASM120 is the first automatic degausser capable of generating an electromagnetic field up to 11,000 Gauss, which guarantees the safe and effective removal of data from storage media with the highest areal densities.


ProDevice DGX02 shredder

Mobile, automatic shredder ProDevice DGX02 (Data Grinder Xtreme) is the latest generation device for the final, physical destruction of all types of data media...

Data media destroyer

ProDevice MMD360 destroyer

The Manual Media Destroyer ProDevice MMD360 is the perfect solution to securely destroy all your 2,5” i 3’5” hard drives, SSD disks, tablets and cell phones.