Data removal from SSD


It is much difficult to delete data from carriers of this type than from typical HDDs. The reason for this is the completely different construction of the carrier..


Shipment preparation of ProDevice degausser


We would like to invite you to watch our new movie showing how the ProDevice ASM120 degausser is being prepared for shipment. The case and fixing bolts are sealed first. Then the device is packed and sent to the customer.

Winding a degaussing coil for ProDevice ...


Video shows capabilities of our laboratory’s linear winding machine. Thanks to this equipment we can produce degaussing coils with full control over theirs parameters. In this podcast degaussing coil for our newest product ...

Degaussing of disks means data removal ...


What should we do if there is a need to delete data from a magnetic storage, such as a hard disk? Above all, remember that many traditional methods of data destruction are so ineffective that the majority of the information ...

DIN 66399 standards - What you should know!


The new DIN 66399 replaces the hitherto DIN 32757. The most significant changes are: Three classification levels A risk analysis shall be carried out for the data carriers and the data contained assigned to one of ...

Data removal with ProDevice ASM120 degausser


When choosing a degausser, it should be remembered that not every device guarantees effective removal of data from a disk or magnetic tape. The strength of the electromagnetic field generated by the device must be sufficiently ...