The ProDevice brand was created in 2012 in response to the rapidly growing market demand for devices for the permanent and safe data removal from media. At that time, in cooperation with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, the first ProDevice degausser was manufactured: ProDevice ASM120 (All Storage Media 120), which in a short period of time conquered the global market. Then it became the most innovative degausser in the world – in addition to a high electromagnetic field, the device was characterized by a unique PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System) technology.

After the successful inauguration of the ASM120 model, we started work on creating a shredder that would destroy the media in a physical way, making it impossible to read the information stored on them. As a result, the ProDevice MMD 360 (Manual Media Destroyer 360) shredder was introduced to the market – a small and easy-to-use device for punching HDD, phones and tablets.

In 2018, we introduced another degausser to the world markets: ProDevcie ASM240. It is a degausser generating a 20,000 Gauss magnetic field (2T), which makes it the most powerful device of its type in the world. Soon the device will be able to be serviced by mobile applications – it will be possible to:

  • read barcodes from degaussed media
  • reporting of deleting data process to the cloud.

Work on degaussers and shredders is carried out in a modern R&D center, covering an area of over 220m2, fully-equipped and adapted to scientific research end experiments. The selection and characteristics of the measurement equipment have been prepared based on detailed consultations with eminent scientists from scientific units cooperating with us: AGH University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Electron Technology. The main area of our activity is initiating and leading the development and implementation of projects. We are working on:

  • innovative methods of removing data from flash memory
  • creation of the world’s first degaussers with PPMS technology, generating electromagnetic fields up to 55,000 gauss.

As a manufacturer of data destruction devices, we focus on the highest quality, perfect design and efficient service of our products. Thanks to this approach to the devices offered, we have quickly gained the trust of customers from Poland and abroad. As a result of our development strategy, we have now close business relations with our Partners – we currently have a few dozens of them in more than 30 countries: in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and even Africa.

We invite you for cooperation
DIKSUS Polska, the owner of the ProDevice brand